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WebWand were their own customer for the development of My Sugar Level, the new visual management tool for diabetics. One of the co-owners of WebWand was diagnosed with diabetes shortly before he moved to the USA.

"It was a bit strange being thrust into the arms of the American health system."

"Back in the UK I was told to take my blood glucose levels a couple of times a week. It was all very relaxed. But when I met my excellent new doctor in America he told me to take my levels four times a day. That's 28 readings a week and 28 holes in my fingers too!" he continued.

"I found that I needed to manage all this information so that I could get an instant visual feedback on how I was doing. So I spent a few hours working up a spreadsheet with graphs etc. It was immediately clear from one glance at the graphs that I had a big problem with my morning levels. I was able to take my spreadsheet off to the doctor and he modified my medication regimen."

"The idea for My Sugar Level hit me very soon after that visit. I thought that an online version of the spreadsheet would be very useful to all diabetes sufferers. I proposed the idea to my business partner, and we decided to register the name and develop the site."

Site design and development occurred between paid projects. Over the months the team tracked down some great graphing software to display member's results in animated 3-D. Eventually, everything came together for the launch at the start of November 2007 - this was also the start of National Diabetes Month in the USA.

Initially, income from the site will come exclusively from paid member subscriptions. "We're charging reasonable rates and offering various membership options to suite every pocket." "This is great value considering the functionality that's available to members." he continued.

Members of the site will be able to keep track of many of the factors that affect their health as diabetics. These include:

  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Triglyceride Levels
  • HbA1c Levels (AKA: A1c and HgA1c)
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Waist Size
  • Exercise Levels
  • Carb Counting

Each member will also be able to create a viewer account. This will allow their healthcare professionals or mentors to login and view their results without being able to edit them.

Members' records will be protected by 128 bit SSL encoding to ensure their information is safe. This is provided to all members and viewers as part of the service at no additional cost.

Visit the My Sugar Level site.

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